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Wilson -- Challenge:

Create a visually appealing infographic template that categorizes the client’s tennis target consumer, allowing the national sales to edit within PowerPoint.  

Wilson -- Solution: 

Manipulate provided Wilson photography of consumers using the product and develop an aspirational radial effect. Produce layout into graphical layers providing an editable copy section for the sales team. 

Wilson -- Outcome:

A simplistic and clean infographic, showcasing the types of consumers and edit-friendly slide that the sales team can change the content.


Huron Consulting Group -- Challenge:

Explain a complicated sequential process that the healthcare division uses daily for clients and prospective business. 

Huron Consulting Group -- Solution: 

Simplify the five stages of their process from start to finish with iconic symbols and arrows that follow its brand standards. Encompass all the phases within the constant activity of Enabling Technology throughout. 

Huron Consulting Group -- Outcome:

The Healthcare team can now use a graphical road map to guide their clients and prospects to understand better how they can support them.

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