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Leave Behinds

Ipsos Marketing -- Challenge:

Marketing firm presenting their company capabilities and point of difference to Kimberly Clark trying to gain new business. Need a hard copy asset for prospect to reflect to during meeting.  

Ipsos Marketing -- Solution: 

Develop an appealing, placemat style visual 17" x 11" for the meeting participants that allows Kimberly Clark team to reflect upon point of difference quickly during Ipsos Marketing's presentation. 

Ipsos Marketing -- Outcome:

A stunning, sophisticated hard copy visual that identified Ipsos Marketing's unique selling proposition within 4 quadrants that was clear and the meeting's memento.


LegalLab -- Challenge:

Client hosting an annual event with legal industry leaders and needs to compile event information within one graphical email that allows viewers to effortless access and download the meeting agenda. 

LegalLab -- Solution: 
Create an infographic layout PDF that the audience can open and decipher the information from categories with Key Differentiators. 

LegalLab -- Outcome:

A one-page layout used iconic symbols, sections, and colors to satisfy the viewer’s eye and deliver complex information via email.

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