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Aramark -- Challenge:

Agency client was having challenges meeting specific expectations for an Aramark sales presentation in PowerPoint. The customer needed their Cleanroom Services process animated throughout the application to engage their national prospects and edit internally for the sales and marketing teams.  

Aramark -- Solution: 

Create a slide-by-slide solution that utilizes Aramark's current illustration graphic assets to simplify the convoluted process. Dissect, manipulate, and produce slides that animate multiple graphics 

Aramark -- Outcome:

​Aramark was satisfied with their new PowerPoint file that easily told their story and displayed their benefits. The Cleanroom Services process now allows their prospects to understand step-by-step quickly and gives their team a simplistic file that can edit.

Sales Presentations

AMD -- Challenge:

The client needed to clarify and expand upon their sales offering and create a national sales presentation for their team to utilize in their markets. However, they didn’t have many branded assets to work with other than their website, which had minimal information and personality. 

AMD -- Solution: 

Develop PowerPoint options that provided a 30-second elevator pitch, point of difference, approach, iconic list of services through a unique slide appearance. Develop the brand assets that the company can repurpose in the future to save on cost and generate longevity. 

AMD -- Outcome:

The client could collaborate through optional ideas provided and felt satisfied knowing the direction of each step. The company brand now has a clear vision with legs to run with for any future marketing needs.

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