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[n] reach -- Challenge:

A startup company that needed a professional, inspiring brand appearance online that comes to life and can easily be edited by the founder.  

[n] reach -- Solution: 

Produce a website on Wix’s platform and then train the founder on the simple interface that encourages changes anytime. Tell a heartfelt, relatable story that centers on a unique point of difference and intrigues the target audience with affordable package solutions. 

[n] reach -- Outcome:

​A modern desktop and mobile website was created that presents prospects with engaging company information and a simple break down of how to understand and buy offerings. Website now can be easily adjusted by founder based on testing and customer feedback.


Architectural Glass Works -- Challenge:

Modernize company’s brand and update website that streamlines their offerings, samples and enables company access to make changes in the future. 

Architectural Glass Works -- Solution: 

Utilize Wix website services and train company employees on the interface to make changes when necessary. Display large, gorgeous samples of work throughout the site while keeping the company story simple and clear for the audience. 

Architectural Glass Works -- Outcome:

Keynote presentation incorporated music and subtle animations that created a brand emphasis on the facility and delivered the information professionally so patients can learn through a moving explanation.

Build an authentic story worth listening to today!
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