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Balance Is Not Something You Find

Sales and marketing functions have a long history of not seeing eye-to-eye and clashing on what’s the most effective customer communication to deliver. Both of their objectives come from good intentions and to ultimately increase revenue for their company. However, one can overexploit the product features why the other side can over-analyze with market assumptions. Yet both can indirectly put a sales opportunity at risk by creating a convoluted, confusing message for the audience.

With first-hand sales and marketing experience, JimmyVision focuses on creating a balancing act, so you don't have to. Founded in 2002, with the mission to provide startups and SMB a streamlined hands-on service to quickly obtain sales tools, JimmyVision provides the goods needed to support sales. By improving efficiency, customer relations, and transforming complex sales information into clear benefits, sales can accelerate with momentum. An approach that centers on gaining helpful customer feedback, adjusting to discovery quickly, and delivering results at an affordable price

  • Sales and marketing leader

  • Entrepreneur and business founder

  • Brand creator and cultural architect 

  • Networking and sales strategist 

  • Unique product benefit producer 

  • Product pricing streamliner

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