“My passion is helping innovative entrepreneurs articulate, bring to life and communicate their company’s competitive advantage to increase their sales opportunities and probability to succeed.”

James DiMambro, Business Development


Balance Is Not Something You Find

Sales and marketing functions have a long history of not seeing eye-to-eye and clashing on the right customer message to deliver. Both of their objectives come from good intentions that try to connect with their audience and ultimately increasing revenue for their company. However, one can overexploit the product features why the other side can over analyze the message that makes market assumptions. Ultimately both can put the sales opportunity at risk by creating a convoluted, confusing pitch only to leave the audience scratching their heads.

JimmyVision has first-hand sales and marketing experiences to leverage and balance the importance of each discipline, allowing your audience a breath to connect with your sales efforts. For over 20 years JimmyVision has excelled at improving efficiency, relations, and transforming critical sales messages into benefits that boost revenue opportunities for startups - Fortune 500 companies. Based on a "keep moving” attitude that implements business agility, JimmyVision’s momentum is determined to meet your vital sales needs.  


Through savvy research, identifying the desires of your audience and what intrigues them will be determined, resulting in emotional response opportunities. From there critical messages and complex ideas are interpreted into a clear, compelling story about your “special sauce” benefits. Finally, your sales pitch is custom designed and formatted pronto to provide maximum impact, eliminating confusion and boredom.

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