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Sales Videos

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics -- Challenge:

Nonprofit organization needed help providing education and nutritional information to nationally registered dietician members to use with their patients.  

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics -- Solution: 

Create a lighthearted explanation video series called “Eat Right Tips.” which would provide beneficial eating tips for dietitians through their membership account. 

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics -- Outcome:

Series production of eight short videos provided a plethora of dietary information that instantly allowed dietitians to access any device and present it to their clients.

The Center for Psychological Services -- Challenge:

A psychological facility was having challenges providing their visiting patients with an overview of their comprehensive services while they are present. 

The Center for Psychological Services -- Solution: 

Provide patients a visual aid educating on the facility's services that evolves brand recognition through a self-playing video on the waiting room monitor using Apple TV. Produce the file on an iPad and allow the facility to control it from the back office. 

The Center for Psychological Services -- Outcome:

A short, intriguing video that incorporated music and subtle animations used to present comprehensive facility capabilities and increase brand awareness.

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