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6 Bold Techniques to Sum up Your Company Personality

Branding establishes identity and creates familiarity with your target audience. Branding embodies the character of an organization; going way beyond the creation of a snappy company logo. From how employees dress, to the way they act, the appearance of a company’s website, business card, literature and even down to the office or work decor. Branding helps businesses connect with their clients and customers by offering a consistent, professional message, thereby creating trust and loyalty to the products and services delivered. According to the Entrepreneur, your brand consistency will even lead to stronger equity. Which means more added value put on your products or services, hence allowing you to charge more! Examples of brands doing this with impactful results are Apple, Coca-Cola, Nordstrom, Nike, BMW, Disney and Starbucks. So when it comes to creating your next slide presentation, don’t overlook these important branding facts. Strategize your slide development showcasing your captivating company personality to pronounce your DNA and allow your audience to feel more secure with your message. Lead them on a visual journey that will not only build conviction but will generate enthusiasm toward your business. Here are 6 tips on how to add “bold” branding techniques to your next presentation: 1. Bold Words Emphasize your key benefits in adjective form and bring them to life in size, color or boldness. This aesthetic will help set the mood of your brand and tell your audience loud and clear your distinction. The objective is to differentiate your product or services, drive interest and to state your “special sauce.” Try avoiding being too wordy with this technique but instead, focus on 3-4 words that sum up your company. If need be, you can always elaborate more verbally during your live presentation.

2. Bold Photos or Illustrations Let photography or illustrations speak volumes about your business’s character after all, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Allow this eye candy to assist your audience in understanding your message more efficiently and effectively. Depending if your brand identity employs more photography or illustrations, try to display these graphics larger than life on your slides as well as carry this theme through consistently. Add possible captions or a statement to support them, if necessary.

3. Bold Logo Try adding your company logo as a design element throughout your presentation besides in the usual corner location of your slides. Instead, add your most notable mark as a transparent background element in different areas of the layout. Another idea is to add a slide that breaks up your sections using your icon as a background element or reversing it out (convert to white) to give your presentation some flair. This additional slide will help to put emphasis on your mark and also segregate the information. By giving your logo more design purpose than just a small signature in the corner, you will heighten the importance and memorability.

4. Bold Color Include slides that display large sections of solid color or texture to help separate your message and interject your brand's essence throughout. It is a change of pace from the typical, white content slides and will stimulate your audience's focus toward the essential information you want most to be absorbed. Don't be modest about expanding this design maneuver within your deck as these backgrounds are an excellent way to spice up your story.

5. Bold Testimonials Build credibility by displaying short testimonial expressions from past client feedback. If they may be lengthy, eliminate any unnecessary sentences from the initial statement and select the most impactful to represent your business. Choose a phrase that coincides with your brand's intentions and speaks directly to the benefits you want to highlight. For the element of surprise, try scattering endorsements in different layout locations.

6. Bold Animation Incorporate presentation animation to the slides or graphics that could use an additional boost. However, choose these effects carefully to mirror your brand’s integrity and avoid going overboard. A presentation with attitude is advantageous, but you can easily fall into the "cheesy" category if you are not cautious! The last thing you want to do is cause a loss of trust and discourage your audience. When in doubt when working with animation, it is best to stick to the basic motions that your audience is most familiar seeing in other medias like TV, movies, videos, apps and games. Stick to uncomplicated actions like dissolves, zooms, and fly-ins so they will be more forgiving while still elevating your game.

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