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How to Connect with Your Audience Without Breaking the Bank

An excellent way to capture your audience's attention in today's quick-paced world is with the use of video presentations generated from PowerPoint or Keynote software. By combining a well-scripted story, simple animation, and savvy design you can export the file as a self-playing movie allowing your audience the control to absorb your information quickly and clearly. These short videos call for a shoestring budget and give you more bang for your buck by supplying you with a multipurpose tool to be used in many applications, including online. This cost-effective strategy will help your business deliver an abundance of useful information while leaving a lasting impression.

Here is an example of a short video presentation:

Your first step in crafting this valuable instrument will be to consider the topics worthy of developing into a video presentation and watching. You may have some in mind already but in case you don't here are some ideas that will assist in jump starting your creative juices and get you on the right track: INFORM

  • Important Policies – Whether it’s in business, government, sports, or any organization, rules and policies are expected to be understood and followed. Now let’s face it, this can be a complicated and overwhelming task so here’s where a video presentation adds clarity and increased retention.

  • New Trends – A great use for video presentations is for conveying the constant new developments and changes seen in everyday life. They include but are certainly not limited to technology, fashion, communication, nutrition, fitness, and so on.

  • Improvement Plans – Take the Healthcare industry for example. Assistance is truly needed when communicating discharge directions to patients - for keeping them healthy and with changing regulations. A video presentation can provide a step-by-step guide for proper recovery techniques to use after medical treatment, or how to navigate through medical plan revisions. Video presentations will convey what has been fixed or adjusted to protect both the patients and healthcare providers.


  • Operating a Mechanism – How do those “crazy gizmos” work? Why can’t this contraption do what it’s supposed to do? These situations can cause a whole lot of frustration. Video presentations provide a visual aid and an active approach to retaining essential information and honing the skills to “get it running.” It could be the perfect way to tackle new electronic devices, severe automotive repairs, or assembly instructions, just to name a few.

  • Understanding Procedures – Creating a clear, step-by-step video presentation will enhance employee effectiveness by delivering a consistent message. You will save time and money when empowering your team with the requirements and approach for success. It can be a handy tool for leadership training, legal processes, medical surgeries, and treatments, etc.

  • Continuing Education – Enhancing your employees’ skill sets is a priority for staying competitive in today’s marketplace. Video presentations are the perfect way to convey interpersonal behavior principals, technical knowledge, career path alternatives, or anything that can enhance the employees’ contributions to the business. Another variation of this involves educating the public. For example, the Healthcare industry can benefit by actually delivering preventative medicine strategies and sound wellness guidance to patients. By utilizing these videos, the importance of early medical screenings and various therapies are emphasized.


  • Capabilities – It’s so important for customers or clients to understand what your company provides in its products and services. This video tool is used to create a comfort zone for your audience and simplifies what could be an overwhelming task to understand your company’s offerings.

  • Differentiation – Companies can show the world what sets them apart from the competition with video presentations. “Wow,” factors are brought to life and can grab an audience’s attention, thereby influencing their buying decisions. These videos can promote your “special sauce” and crank up the interest level.

  • Special Offers – People love to take advantage of great deals or discover “new” offerings that make them feel euphoric. These short videos can help provide clear incentives for purchasing your products and services. Revenues will increase, new business relationships will form, or old customers will rediscover, all in the interest of achieving your overall business goals.

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